School of the Prophets - Theological Animation for Radical Discipleship

The next School of the Prophets event - Session 15 - is on Sunday 23 November 2014, 2-4pm, at Leichhardt Uniting Church, 3 Wetherill St, Leichhardt.

The speaker will be Dr. Ben Cross, on the topic of "Tolerance and the Christian Church".

The formation of discipleship that the School of the Prophets currently engages in, consists of interested individuals coming together to learn, worship and be challenged and nurtured in inspirited 2 hour gatherings every 6 weeks. School of the Prophets will run from 2pm til 4pm on a Sunday afternoon at Leichhardt Uniting Church. Facilitated by Rev. Dr. John Hirt (and a SOPS steering committee), this gathering will provide opportunity for both worship and theological understanding in order to enable participants deeper levels of biblical and political literacy that can be enacted in local congregational levels.