The School of the Prophets (SOPS) is a movement that with personal and political conviction seeks to enact the theology of Radical Discipleship. As such its purpose is to set in motion gatherings of theological reflection and church renewal as experiments in Christian faithfulness.

It stands in the tradition of radical Christian movements both past and present; believer's gatherings like the House of the New World (Australia), Bartimaeus Community and Sojourners (North America), and resistance traditions akin to the Confessing Church's underground seminary in Nazi Germany, and the Base Communities animated by third world liberation theology - and more recently the School of Discipleship in Canberra, Australia.

Confessionally oriented, the School of the Prophets is an interdenominational grouping of people given to moving beyond the conundrums of liberalism and fundamentalism to a mainline Trinitarian theology. That is, to a passionate following of Jesus that seeks to be faithful to the biblical witness and the redeeming activity of God present in the risen and crucified One.